M I S S I O N   S T A T E M E N T 
  Before being a matter of words and languages, translation services are above all a matter of trust, quality, and responsibility.
  TRUST between the customer and the translator, the former having total confidence in the service provider chosen, and the latter knowing that the tacit agreement binding both parties will be respected.
  QUALITY, as the main goal of a freelance translator is to create a network of satisfied customers who will provide jobs on a regular basis.
  RESPONSIBILITY is the capacity to deliver any project on time and to turn down an offer when the project is not within one's fields of specialization.
These 3 keywords are at the core of every project I undertake in order to create excellent and long term relationships with my customers.
F R E E L A N C E R   V S   A G E N C Y

Translation companies, which are sometimes very big, have important overhead costs which have to be passed on to the customer. The overhead costs of a freelancer being almost non existent, the translation costs are significantly reduced.

If you own or manage a company, you already know that, for various and sometime genuine reasons, absenteeism, lack of occupational motivation, carelessness, and forgetfulness are unfortunately all too common among employees. Being on his own, a freelance translator cannot afford to fail his customers. His objective is to create a long term, productive and satisfying relationship with its clients by simply not compromising quality.
One point of contact only, one call away in case of emergency. Don’t get lost in the corporate maze of finding the right department or person in charge. Any update will be dealt with quickly and professionally. And when you'll come back a few months later for a new job, you won't have to deal with a new project manager.
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